Artist's Statement

"Shifting light, wind and water all give a landscape it's complexity and life. These transient elements contrast with the more solid structures such as earth and rock, but also compliment them. This duality is what fascinates me, and I find myself drawn to places where both elements interplay with one another.

Travelling to find isolated places, in search of the monumental and sublime. Places that one can lose themselves in, where nature dwarfs all other things. To capture the sensations that wash over oneself when away from people, where the atmosphere brings you to be present with great sharpness, yet also echoes of the vast timelines of nature. A rushing waterfall has a power and vividness of things happening just at that moment, but the longer one allows themselves to get lost in looking at the waters rushing, the more one taps into how over hundreds of years the forms of rock have been eked out. That there is a rhythm to these things, both ecstatic yet slow burning.  These places that contain both structure and chaos help me to make sense of everything. Everything alters states, whether fast or slow. I find beauty in this transience.

My process revolves around the act of observing. The intense focus instilled in observing an uncultivated landscape, interpreting it and marking it down, leads me to see qualities that aren’t apparent at first glance. Areas of haziness contrast with more solid forms, echoing the changeable aspects of the places that I try to capture. Materials are carefully chosen, and I personally stretch and prime all the canvas I work on with rabbit skin glue so that it may hold vast washes of ink, combining traditional eastern and western influences. Chinese ink paintings are a fundamental influence for me as they explore the more ephemeral qualities of landscapes as well as portraying nature. The ethos of Mono no Aware, a Japanese sensibility that things are all the more poignant and beautiful due to their transitory nature, is heavily called upon in my work.  My practice is a combination of recording outside phenomena and an expression of internal experience, to describe the fleeting beauty found in nature."

Holly Walsh is an award winning visual artist, who graduated from the Crawford College of Art and Design in 2016. She has held several solo exhibitions, as well as take part in international artist residencies. Walsh has works in public and private collections.